I'm a graduate student of the MAIA masters program. During my master thesis, I worked on the development of quality assessment framework for online brain MRI processing at the ViCOROB lab at the University of Girona. It was a wonderful experience to work with the three universities involved in this masters program. The courses taught, and the life experience acquired during these two years have proved to be essential for my career. I am really satisfied with how this master helped me in boosting my professional career. Currently, I'm enrolled as a PhD student in a Marie Curie project (B-Q MINDED).

- Roberto Paolella, PhD student in a Marie Curie Project
  • 11.Paolella

The MAIA master provided me with a stimulating environment to learn about different imaging techniques and image processing algorithms applicable in the medical field. The knowledge I obtained enabled me to develop frameworks for computer-aided diagnosis that I could put into practice during my internship. I was able to grow both professionally and personally, acquiring skills for my future career while visiting new countries and making lifelong bonds with my multicultural classmates. I am truly grateful for the new opportunities that have resulted from the completion of this challenging and rewarding master program.

- Katherine Sheran, Phd Student
  • 14.Sheran

During my doctorate studies at the UdG, I’ve had an opportunity to work on a novel skin scanning system together with the world’s top dermatologists. It’s a great honor for me to continue this work as a post-doc researcher.

- Dr. Konstantin Korotkov Postdoctoral Researcher Computer Vision and Robotics Institute, University of Girona (ES)
  • konstantin

I did my PhD on medical imaging at the UdG and I currently work at the RadboudUMC (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) developing image analysis techniques to make breast cancer screening more effective. I am really satisfied with how my PhD research helped me in boosting my professional career."

- Dr. Albert Gubern-Mérida, Postdoctoral fellow Diagnostic Image Analysis Group, Radboud University Medical Center (NL)
  • albert

Joining MAIA was definitely a life-changing experience. The program provided me with skills in the Medical Imaging field and allowed me to actively interact with leading-researchers around Europe. During my thesis, I worked on cardiac MRI by proposing cutting-edge methodologies to assist radiologists. Currently, as a doctoral student I am very pleased on how MAIA boosted my career and helped me reach my goals.

- Ezequiel de la Rosa, PhD Student
  • 3.De_la_Rosa

I completed my Masters in Medical Imaging under MAIA. With the mobility between the three universities in France, Italy, and Spain, I had the opportunity to meet, work and study under a diverse group of specialized researchers. This program is designed with specialized courses in the domain of medical imaging having intense projects and lab works centered around the idea of learning how to replicate and develop state of the art techniques. This program allowed me to jointly work with some of the biggest research groups working in medical imaging in Europe. Currently, I started my PhD under full fellowship at the University of British Columbia.

- Tajwar Aleef, PhD Student at the University of British Columbia.
  • 1.Aleef

I did my PhD on registration of multimodal prostate images from University of Girona, Spain and University of Burgundy, France. It was a wonderful experience to work with the clinicians in Girona and the professors from both the universities were extremely helpful. After the completion of my PhD in 2012, I have been working in CSIRO, Australia as a post-doctoral fellow on brain image analysis. All these experiences on prostate and brain image analysis have helped me to get a new role as a senior research associate at the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA that I am looking forward to start towards the end of this year.

- Dr. Jhimli Mitra, Senior Research Associate Case Western Reserve University Cleveland (USA)
  • jhimli

I did my PhD on medical imaging, particularly in breast ultrasound imaging, and I am currently working in a private R&D company. My PhD provided me with the necessary skills to start a new challenge in a complete different research topic.

- Dr. Gerard Pons, Researcher and Project Manager EDMA Innova
  • pons

I did my PhD at UNICLAM (Cassino, Italy) where, in collaboration with RadboudUMC (Nijmegen, the Netherlands), I worked on the development of Computer Aided Diagnosis systems for digital mammography. As a side-project in collaboration with Allen Institute for Brain Science (Seattle, U.S.A.) and University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome (Rome, Italy), I also worked on ultra-Terabyte whole mouse brain image visualisation and assisted analysis. Now, I am happy to continue my work at UNICLAM as post-doctoral fellow and am extremely grateful to collaborate with world-leading researchers in their respective fields.

- Dr. Alessandro Bria, Post-doctoral fellow UNICLAM
  • UNICLAMstudent