Life after MAIA by Fakrul Islam Tushar

I am Fakrul Islam Tushar an MAIA graduate, currently working as a Research Associate at the Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories (RAI Labs), Duke University Medical Center, USA. I am primarily engaged in research, computer-aided diagnosis, and healthcare innovation using machine learning, neural networks, and image analysis driven solutions. MAIA was the turning point where I found my interest in machine learning and deep learning related to medical imaging. Interactive course work and hands-on project experiences of MAIA equipped us to tackle a variety of challenges and opened a horizon of opportunities. One of the most exciting parts of MAIA Master’s studies was the cultural exposure we received. I studied in four different countries which were from two different continents; and got to experience different cultures, food, and most importantly, the people. I believe these experiences helped me grow as a person and they also have aided in building respect and appreciation for cultural diversity. Looking forward to seeing the next MAIA batch and the milestones they achieve.



Tushar Khan

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